This is our 19 week Community Supported Agriculture program. When you buy a membership you get 19 weeks of produce from the farm. Sometimes there are a lot of one thing and other times there are only green vegetables. We strive for variety, artisinal and uncommon heriloom vegetables. An example box might include: salad mix, kale, daikons, cherry belle radish, dill, starfruits, mint, oregano, bok choy and zinnias. We also have add on items such as eggs, honey and other seasonal items such as kombucha or kefirs. 


This CSA program provides the farm the seasonal start up costs to opperate our farm, it does not pay employees or provide any financial sustainability or generate profit.  

19 Week C.S.A. Subscription

  • Deliveries will be determined based on a general average based on member's geographical locations. Our annual deliveries have often been in Palmetto Bay, Homestead and the Tropical Park Farmer's Market. If you have concerns about delivery please reach out to discuss this with us personally. 


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